Equipment Needed to Set up a Farm Business

Although starting up your own farm business, as with any other business start-up, is a very exciting time filled with potential and ideas. It does however, come with a pretty hefty to-do list. There is a world of things to consider when setting up a farming business, with each area having to be organised, with care and attention to detail to create a smooth running, fully-functional farm.

Once your business has chosen and established the specifics of its farming, for example pastoral or arable farming, the next step in the creation of your farm will be to organise the equipment needed for this. Farming equipment is an expensive industry to say they least, with the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) estimating UK sales of new farming equipment in 2017 at £1.75 billion.

Therefore, it is important not to spend unnecessary amounts of money on farm machinery, and hunt around for the best deals on the stuff you need. Finding a good deal on farming equipment is an excellent way to make the start-up of your business more cost-effective, but it is important to also consider the quality of machinery and not to run the risk of buying sub-par equipment simply because it’s cheaper.

This will cost you more in the long run, as more money will have to be funnelled into replacing the equipment once it inevitably breaks down.

Knowing the ins and outs of each potential purchase is a vital step in the buying process of farming equipment, including everything from cattle crush and straw spreading equipment to the tractors; getting you efficient, good quality machinery at cost-effective prices.


Setting up a Farm: What do I Need?

Whilst each individual farm requires a unique selection of equipment in order to function, this guide will run you through some of the main types of agricultural equipment and what purposes they serve, helping you to do decide what equipment your farm needs where to get it.

Soil Cultivation

One of the main examples of equipment required in the case of soil cultivation machinery are plough machines. These machines have a range of functions, typically used for raising, breaking, turning and mixing of the soil. The prices for soil cultivation machinery in the UK range from around £1,000 to £30,000, but this price range will become less broad once the level of soil cultivation of your farmland has been established.

Planting and Seeder Machinery

this type of equipment is used to sow seeds into soil. There are various different methods to this shown through the many different types of seeding machines on the market, however the basic objective of all these machines remains the same: to seed the land. Second-hand seeders can range in price from £1,000 to £5,000.

Irrigation Equipment

Farming machinery used to both water and drain the fields, known as ‘irrigation equipment,’ is very much built on how your land works and how it will therefore need to be irrigated. Prices for this type of equipment will vary drastically depending on the unique structure and area of your land.

Harvest Machinery

These will be machines that are only used through the harvest season and this type of farming equipment does exactly what its name suggests, being the harvesting of your crops. One of the main examples of a harvest machine would be a combine harvester. This specific type of machine both cuts and separates crops into what you sell on and its excess. These machines, as with many other types of farming machinery, range in price, anywhere between £3,000 to £100,000.

Straw Machinery

The types of machines involved in the management of straw, a staple part of most farms, covers a broad range, helping in its organisation, storage, maintenance and distribution. Below is provided just some of the many relative pieces of farming equipment to consider:

Bale Stacker – As the name suggests, used in the organisation of straw bales by helping in the lifting, carrying and stacking of them. A key part of this equipment is the ‘hands,’ which are responsible for gripping onto the bales.

Straw Spreaders Again, does exactly what it says on the tin. This type of machinery helps in the distribution of straw, typically with a control box you can use to control where you want your straw spread.


Yard Scrapers – This category of farming equipment helps in the overall maintenance of a farm, used to scrape clean the flat and smooth surfaces of a farm’s floors. Although not exclusively related to straw, it sure can make up a lot of the muck scraped from a farm’s floors.

As this category contains such a diverse range of machinery, prices for this are therefore in a range of equal magnitude. However, at Straw Spreader, we provide an array of such excellent quality machines at great deals. We offer a great range of good quality, cost-effective machinery for all your straw maintenance, organisation and distribution needs, often including (but not limited to) those detailed above. For more information on our latest offers and deals click here.