DR Round Bale Feeder and Straw Spreader

Bale Un-roller and Straw Spreader

The bale is unrolled and the straw is presented onto the rotating tines, the tines then flick the straw and spread it lightly across the pen and up-to 9 meters, dangerous stones and dust are kept to a minimum. When you no longer require the straw spreader, it can be neatly folded away so you can go and feed haylage or silage. This type of machine is perfect for spreading straw from outside the shed or going down a feed passage.

The machine can be up graded to have a pivoting system fitted, or self-loading, it can also be fitted onto a telehandler, please refer to the brochure for the different options and prices.

This range of machines is called the DR range they are only used for Round bales of all types and size

Why Choose Straw Spreader