Pig Special

Pig Special

The DT125 LAT is capable of spreading round or square bales , the machine only needs a 100 hp tractor and a loader. The machine has a large chamber capable of holding any size square or round bale, the bale is fed along the bed of the machine with chain and lats to a pair of separating rollers, this pair of rollers have adjustable fingers to fine tune the material flow, the separating rollers feed straw onto a cross conveyor that feeds straw to a rotating finger system that spreads the straw up-to 8 meters, this system produces a light and fluffy bed that is dust free and stone free.

The straw spreader is loaded by the tractor loader, then attach the straw spreader via the quick hitch frame, plug in the two hydraulic hoses , remove the bands from the bale and you are now ready to spread.

Drive across the paddock and draw up in front of the arc door way, you can see the door and the straw spreading cross conveyor, from the tractor cab, thus ensuring that you are positioned correctly at the side of the Arc/hut, when you are lined up , put your hydraulic lever into gear and spread the straw through the door, the machine is capable of spreading up to 8 meters of light and fluffy straw into the arc/hut

If a telehandler is required to be used, we also have a Telehandler version that has a Quick hitch arrangement with tines fitted, that with flick of a switch simply attaches and detaches from the machine, it is called the pick and go system, once the carriage is on the handler, you can pick up a bale and place it in the machine, you can then use the same system to pick the machine up again with out leaving the seat.

The benefits of this are

  1. If you do not have a telehandler, you can use your existing loader tractor, no need to purchase a extra machine
  2. Utilization of the site tractor loader to perform a high labour job quickly and easily
  3. Hydraulic oil flow is 45 liters/per min
  4. Hydraulic lift is 2000 kg
  5. Any type of bale of any size can be spread, regardless of been wet or dry, Bales can be stored out side
  6. Huge potential for labour and straw saving, this is a one man operation. (straw savings alone are in excess of 30%)
  7. Huge potential for increased mortality in Farrowing, light fluffy level bed, less risk of been rolled on, warmer piglets.
  8. The cross conveyor is only 800 mm wide
  9. The spread distance is up to 8 meters, less can be achieved by not running the hydraulics at high RPM
  10. Loading of the bale with the existing loader, is quick and easy, straight from a trailer or stack
  11. Multiple huts/Arcs can be filled with straw with one bale
  12. Electric fence wires can be driven across to gain access to the Arc/ Hut in the paddocks
  13. The bale feed has an adjustable feed speed to regulate the speed of spread. This is adjustable from the cab while driving
  14. Keep your staff happy with this easy to use machine, no more back breaking beding up.

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