Disc Straw Spreading with no straw damage

The disc straw spreading system is a very effective way of producing an incredible level straw bed, the system will spread, straw, chopped or long, it will also spread saw dust and wood chips very effectively. The options are a one or two-disc system, the standard system will spread 5-6 meters, with options that will allow spreading up-to 12 meters wide.

The system is designed to be driven through a building across the bed as the spinning discs throw the material sideways, left and right, in this application they produce an unrivalled level bed, perfect for dairy cows and poultry applications.

Savings and comfort because the bale is un-wound and then gently teased out of the bale, conserving the long strands, The straw is not subjected to any break down so produces a well-ventilated litter that is looser and lasts longer; with no excessive dust and no dangerous stone ejections, the straw is evenly and gently spread, utilising one of the two spreading options.