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Straw Spreader Ltd is the sole importer of Altec Machinery for the UK and Ireland. Altec is a family owned company, based in the south of France, it has been manufacturing and distributing Straw Spreading Machines and Round Bale Unrollers for over 20 years across Europe, with 1000s of units been produced.

Using one of the range of Altec Straw spreading machines will help your Animal Bedding become a more consistent,hygienic and longer-lasting compared to either a Straw Chopper or manual spreading (typically you should expect a 30% straw saving compared to handling the straw manually). In addition to spreading Round bales or Square Bales of straw, the machine can be used as a Round Bale Unroller to Feed Hay, Haylage and Silage. Some of the machines can pivot on their own axis, giving the machine the ability to rotate with-in 180 deg, to the left or right – PERFECT for tight sheds and buildings, and will still spread a light, fluffy and even bed of straw up-to 8 meters, with minimal or no dust and stones. The typical time taken to Spread-a-Bale of straw is approx 2 minutes, huge savings are gained by only spreading straw where it is required, thus not wasting the whole bale.

Current stock

Altec soft hands round bale stacker

Altec soft hands round bale stacker, 2013 model, never been used, took in a job lot of part x, needs a new ram and hydraulic pipes, metal work is perfect

Looks to be on JCB Compact brackets, could easily weld on something else

new these are £1500 they are very well built

sold as seen £800+vat

Tom 07891 229224

Foster Twin bale spike

Fosters twin bale spike, shop soiled, on three point linkage, ready to go

£500 +vat

Tom 07891 229224