The all new MULTI is Straw Spreader’s own machine, designed and Manufactured in the UK.

The MULTI comes with a whole range of features that are a first to market for a bedding machine, it brings a versatility and ease of use that has not been present in this type of machine until now. spread and turn at the same time, hydraulically adjustable rotor height on the move, bale feed speed adjustment on the move.

The Multi has a bespoke WiFi hydraulic system that is truly stand alone and needs no form of hard wiring,This creates a unique bedding machine that can be used on multi site or multiple machines with out extra costs, you just need the same bracket and hydraulic connectors fitted to the other machines.

The MULTI can also self load and has a unique quick attach loading fork system. fit the pipes once then do not touch again, press a button on the control box in the cab to disconnect from the Multi and reconnect.

All size of bale round or square can fit into the bale chamber ,the bale is fed by slat and chains to the rotor , the straw is teased out of the bale by the rotor then spread up to 9m of light fluffy straw bedding. The Multi can also feed Haylage , simply lift the rotor out of the way and unroll the bale into a trough.