Straw Spreader was founded to deliver a cost-effective solution to spreading straw or bedding down cattle, pigs and other livestock while minimising running cost and improving environmental issues like dust and stone damage. The MULTI only teases the bale apart and spreads the straw, with no chopping or digression of the straw, this produces a light clean and fluffy bed. The advantages of this type of system is the bed last longer, drier bedding and animals can eat the straw, improving the gut and digestion, mucking out is easy as no lumps, the muck mix produced is much improved and becomes more valuable because of the full utilisation of the straw, you would expect to see a 30% straw saving over manual spreading and a 10% saving over a chopper blower system. The MULTI incorporates a state of the art bespoke Wifi control system to operate the machine functions.

Straw Spreader has just bought the manufacturing and distribution for the well known Foster yard scrapers, this is an industry renowned business that we are proud to continue after the retirement of Mike Drewery.

Straw Spreader manufactures all of its products in the uk and is proud to be supporting british manufacturing.