Current Machinery

Altec Straw spreader, DR270PA Lat

DR270 PA Lat with anti drop floor fitted

round bale machine capable of taking up-to a 2m bale

self loading

this machine has the ability to rotate left and right, 180 deg, it can spread any where in that range

the machine will spread straw 8-9m in a light a fluffy manner with no dust or stones

the machine is capable of feeding hay or round bale silage

the machine comes with an offset to enable driving down a passageway and spreading to the left or right and not spreading straw on the passageway, it also makes feeding silage simple as it doesn't drop onto the handler wheelings

1 pair of hydraulic pipes, and only requires 45 liters per minute

electric control box, controls the functions of the machine

30% straw saving over manual spreading and 15% over a chopper blower

Ring for more information and a demo

New machine, delivered and installed any where in the UK or Ireland £10,250 +vat

Tom 07891 229224